Prehistoric Grave at Slieve Russell Hotel

Prehistoric Grave at Slieve Russell Hotel ballyconnell In the grounds of the Slieve Russell Hotel (H 289 166) near Ballyconnell is a a fine example of a wedge tomb, originally located at Aughrim on the south east side of Slieve Rushen, but moved to and reconstructed at the Slieve Russell Hotel before quarrying in 1992. A 6 metre long gallery lies is within a low round cairn, which is retained by a kerb. The stones along the gallery are supported by buttressing stones and at the west end is a tall stone that splits the entrance to the gallery. There is a small portico area before the main chamber. Both burnt and unburt bones, as well as Early Bronze Age pottery were found during the excavation prior to the monument's removal. Three small stone lined boxes or kists were later placed inside the kerb.


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