Tomregan Stone

Tomregan Stone ballyconnell A remarkable piece of scupulture - the Tomregan Stone - was removed from its original site and taken to Berrymount.Later it wasleft at the rear of the Church of Ireland. There it remained for many years and it is now safekeeping inside the church as its value and importance became known in recent years.
Originally it formed the arch of an unglazed window-ope measuring eight inches on the exterior. Itsplayed inward to a width of thirteen and a half inches and it was set in a wall which was thirteen inches thick.
Great prominence is given to the hesd - the eyes and ears of the strange human figure are prominent but the body is not shown because of the opening in the arch stone. Arms and truncated legs seem to come out from the head as theere is no body.
An object resembling a human skull hangs from the right hand and another object resembling a trepan saw is in the left hand. Some sources say that the skull amd the trepan saw represent the operation performed by Saint briein on the brain of Cenn Faelad after the battle of Moira when he was brought for treatment to the famous surgeon at the school of medicine at Tomregan University.


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